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This is my first post written in English. And probably the last because although I have just written few words, I’m starting to be aware of extreme hardness of doing so. For example… I’m not sure if somebody will even understand the sentence before this one. The first sentence, I mean.
I other news… I’m thinking to break my blogging tradition with SUPI (Superior Italic-written intro). I don’t like it anymore. Yes.

Well. Hello people. And others who read this piece of crap. Probably I could start this post by explaining why the fuck in English? There are two main reasons I guess. First one definitely is some kind of self-testing my English writing capabilities.
It is obvious that they are terrible. Other main reason is probably… I forgot what. Because it took me 5 minutes to write down sentence before this one. So I forgot. Damn I be!

Ok, let’s talk about something rather informative.
Rammstein. I recon that all of my beloved readers heard for this heavy-industrial-call-it-as-you-want metal band.
Rammstein members are all from ex-DDR! What is in fact not surprising! Why, you may ask? Well, all the best german things come from Eastern Germany. Like Scorpions, best world athletes and military help for Croatia in recent war.
But surprising fact here is definitely that members of Rammstein are all left-oriented socialists!
Frontman of Rammstein (don’t know his name) said that many people thought that they are “nazi” band because singer has significant rolling “R” (while singing, yes) like Hitler. Did. Hitler did had. He’s dead. Doesn’t have it anymore.
They only want to show to the world bad german heritage (for the reason of not repeating the history again).
I always liked Rammstein. It’s the raw german sound, similar to what you can hear by starting up old Mercedes-Benz 190D. It says just one thing: “I’m big, I’m strong… get the fuck out of my way!”
I often listened Rammstein on my mp3 player pretending that I could eat the whole world in one bite!
While walking my small dog through the park tough…
But never the less, Rammstein people are probably one of the most powerful musicians in the world!
Music of Rammstein is strong, and it asks for no mercy! Long live Rammstein!

And now something completely different. I would like to talk about commentaries on blog. How hard is to leave a commentary? And of course I don’t mean on commentaries like: “Your blog is so cooooool please visit my piece of crap!!! :)) (and million other stupid smiley shity crap)
I thought about this particular problem for some time and… surprise, surprise!
Generally, I visit 10-15 blogs per one surfing. And guess what! I leave one ore two commentaries per surfing! Why? Well probably because I don’t read the whole text. Just the bit of it. But, I think that is very important to leave commentary for the reason of improving our capabilities of writhing crapy stuff on the Interplet.

And for the end… I read german scientific study that says: “looking at female breasts (aka. boobs) for 10 minutes is equal of exercising fitness for 40 minutes! And this kind of activity on daily bases could longer your life for 2-5 years!
So, this is appeal for all the busty girls over the planet! It is sevap (can not be translated… closest translation would be: “earning weekend in paradise”) to show boobs to your friends! It will prolong their miserable pussysuffering lives!

Okay, people! This is it for today! There will be no more post in English! Only in middle-south European Slavic linguistic diasystem in three norms – Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (or all for shorten: Serbo-Croatian).

So long and long live Rammstein!

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